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Membership Policy

Membership to the GEMs organization is open to all who are of Goans, East Indian or Mangaloreans origin. An individual (or spouse) must be of this origin and a practicing Catholic to benefit from this community. This organization executes as a volunteer group and members (and their family) are expected to volunteer their talents to the community in any form they choose. Member’s children are automatically assessed as member if they are below the age of 21 or in college, and not in the workforce. Members parents are also are automatically assessed as members if they are visiting, or permanently residence in the U.S and living as the same household and retired.

Patron Policy

Anyone can be a GEMs Patron. New Patron registration requires awareness of the GEMs mission and policies, an email address, phone contact and usually provides a supporting member or patron as recommendation. Patron is considered as a Guest (non-member).

Registered Member Policy

A Registered Member is one who has accepted the GEMs mission and policies, has paid dues for the year and received an Acceptance of Registration.

New Member Policy:

New Member must be over the age of 21, required to complete and submit a Membership Registration Form, and usually provide a supporting member as recommendation and receive Acceptance of Registration. A separate membership payment check is always recommended (for audit purposes). New membership registration is accepted throughout the year (see voting).

Renew Member Policy

Renewing Member is one who has in the past been a Registered Member. Renewing Member MUST pay dues on or by the Easter Event for the year and have received Acceptance of Registration. If dues not paid by deadline, then Renewal membership will not be accepted, and will be considered as a Patron (non-member) for the remainder of the year. Membership cannot be upgraded until the following year once Acceptance of Registration has been issued. No pro-rate or reimbursement of existing membership will be issued.

Membership Fees

1) Annual Membership $25

2) Five Year Membership $110

3) Lifetime Membership $300

4) Honorable Membership $600

Membership Benefits:

1) Participate in GEMs community, activities and events

2) Attend events at discounted rates

3) Invite guest (non-member) to GEMs events

4) Contribute talents and charitable deeds

5) Voting rights

6) Enrich cultural heritage and faith

Charitable Policy

GEMs is a non-profit organization and needs funds to exist. GEMs is not a charitable organization, however as part of it mission it may perform charitable deeds and donate funds. As such GEMs will solely contribute to charitable deeds that adhere strongly to the mission statement. This means that it may use its funds to promote and enrich its cultural activities and events within reason. It may also choose to support local charity that associates with its culture and faith, also within reason

Voting Policy

GEMs automatically give Registered Member a single voting right, and another single voting right to a spouse. Child/grandparent members are not eligible to vote. Must be a Registered Member at time of vote and been a member for at least 3 months. No transfer of vote allowed. No new membership or renewal membership is accepted at voting time.

Privacy Policy

GEMs maintain the privacy of its members and patrons. It will not use its membership and patrons for personal or direct marketing unassociated with the GEMs mission.

Advertisement Policy

GEMs will use advertisements solely for the purposes of generating funds for its existence, activities and events. Advertisement must be appropriate. It will use its Website for advertisement.